SBB Design System Mobile and ML frameworks are now OpenSource

  • SBB Design System Mobile: A SwiftUI framework allowing for an easy integration of SBB theming to your app. All elements are optimized for dynamic TextSizes, VoiceOver, light & dark mode as well as for different SizeClasses.
  • SBB ML: A Swift framework simplifying the integration of CoreML (ObjectDetection) models into iOS Apps using Combine and SwiftUI.

Why OpenSource?

SBB Design System Mobile (SwiftUI)

SBB Design System Mobile with custom theming.

SBB ML (SwiftUI & Combine)

Demo of our current ObjectDetection model.
Architecture overview of the SBB ML framework.

Quality standards for OpenSource frameworks

  • Testing: Reasonable code coverage.
  • Demo App showcasing the framework’s functionality.
  • Clean documentation of all public interfaces.
  • Automated CI pipeline which executes all tests on every branch and pushes to the stores automatically.


Demo App

SBB Design System Mobile and SBB ML framework demo app.

Clean Documentation

Raw Markdown-documentation (left) and it’s auto-generated DocC counterpart (right).

Automated CI Pipeline

XCode Cloud integration in GitHub.

Next steps

  • Will they be used and forked by a large user-base?
  • Will people start contributing to them?




In-house agency for Mobile Apps & Web at Swiss Federal Railways #sbbcffffs

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In-house agency for Mobile Apps & Web at Swiss Federal Railways #sbbcffffs

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